We are today the main shipper of balikbayanboxes from Sweden. We live and are located in The philippines (except when we pickup the boxes in Sweden). Therefore we have full control over our shipments. We follow up each box in Philippines, and make sure it will be safe and delivered in time. We have the reputation to be the most reliable shipper in balikbayanbox business.

The absolute cheapest way to send goods and gifts from abroad to the Philippines. And of course a great way to make your family back home happy!

The box is 700 x 450 x 550 mm. We can also handle other sizes of Boxes etc. (contact us if You have questions) There is NO Weight limit, but the box shall be manageable by one
(1) person. This means around 40-60kg. The Boxes must be packed, so they still keep the same measurment, a bulky box is oversized, and we must charge extra for ovezized boxes. It is in your interest to pack carefully. If you are sending fragile items make sure to add bubble wraps. Sometimes to save on space you can wrap the breakable items in T-shirts or towels or clothes you are sending. These acts as cushion and saves spaceif you are sending these items anyway.
If something should go broken in the box during the transport, its bacause YOU have not packed it well enough. Its a long way to philippines, and you should pack it therafter.

We have 2 shipment per year year. One we pickup the boxes in march/april and it arrive in philippines June/July. X-mas shipment we pickup in Aug/Sept, and it will arrive before Christmas. Follow us on FACEBOOK for update on next shipment and schedule for pickup. Order now to make sure you have a place att next shipment.

It take approx 3 month from your door till delivered at your family in the philippines. The boxes go via container by sea, to ensure you will have our low price.

You can pick up a box for free at one of our agents. Call OLLE 0733 257 208 (Swedish Number) and we will give you name of agents in your area. You can also chat with us via FACEBOOK.

Price is 1
500 SEK to send a box from your door in Sweden, to your door in Philippines (except some interislands and remote areas there we are forced to charge extra 300SEK). Example of those areas are: Mindoro, Palawan, Marandique, Catanduanes, Romblon, Boracay, Masbate, Siquijor, Bantayan, Camotes,  (Siargao and Dinagat Island have to pickup their boxes in Surigao)

If you want to send something bigger then our box, we can help you. Contact us for prices.

You Pay CASH
, SWISH or CARD (Visa/Mastercard) when we Pick up the box. (contact us if you need more info)
ALWAYS give us boxnumber and full name when you pay !
  If you havent paid the Box when it arrive in Philippines, the Box will NOT be delivered. Unpaid boxes goes to storage, and is charged with 100peso per day and box for storage fee.

The price include the empty box, that you can pickup at any of our agents. Ask around filipinas in your town where to get a box, or call OLLE 0733257208, or contact us on FACEBOOK.

We ONLY insure each box for a value up to 100 usd
for a total loss of a box, for higher value, please insure Your box with Your own Insurance company.

Make sure that you write complete and correct name and adress and active phone number of consignee. If adress will change, or consignee change/lose phone number, you MUST contact us. We can not deliver without contact consignee by phone first. consignee MUST check box condition BEFORE  sign that they recieve box in good condition. If there would be a problem, fowarder will NOT accept any claims if consignee already signed that he/she recieved box in good condition.


A Filipino citizen, living, working, or visiting abroad, are entitled to send balikbayanbox, as a previliged sender. Thats means if you can proof with a copy of filipino passport, or other passport with stamp of dual citizenship, you are entitled to send boxes up to three times per year, with a total value of 150.000 peso during one year. It can be any amount of boxes, but only three shipments per year.

Its not alllowed to send things taxfree that can be used commercial. a total amount of maximum 12 pcs of each. And it have to be sent to a relative filipno citizen.

A NON filipino citizen, that have swedish or any other citizenship, can also send balikbayanboxes up to three times per year. With a total value of 10.000peso per shipment. That means anyone can send balikbayan boxes tax free, as long as it dont exceed total value of 10.000 peso.

I ts important that fill up shippers declaration as specified as possible, and make sure that declared value is not exceeding 10.000 peso, so it goes smooth through custom.

Before the new rules it was only a total value of 10.000 peso for Filipino citizen. Tho only different is that amount have increased, and control have increased.

So fill up the shippers declaration correct, and you can continue te send boxes as before.